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What they say about us?

Barita Perera

"The team at Kinderoo always go above and beyond for my baby girl. It can be so hard leaving what is most precious to you in the care of others, but I have always felt comfortable and reassured knowing that she is in the best hands."

Charlotte Luu

"I wasn't sure at first if I should send my son to child care as I am a stay at home mum and happy to care for him but there are things he has been learning at Kinderoo that I know would have been impossible to teach him myself. He has become SO much more social and confident and has made so many friends. Thanks Kinderoo!"

Siobhan Wynne

"Having been to other centres the thing I love most about Kinderoo is how they are able to teach things in a way that doesn't seem like teaching. My girl has so much fun and comes home telling me all the new things she has learnt. I love that the teachers are always there and willing to answer any questions I have"

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